Jungle Hunt OST Video Game Song
Outer Space Invasion OST Techno Song
Galactic Escapade OST Heavy Metal Song
Modern Hippie Girl OST Video Game Song
Livin' On Unemployment I Video Game Song
Private Investigator OST Fusion Song
Battling Giant Insects OST Heavy Metal Song
Baby K OST World Song
Lucid Dream OST World Song
Spanish Flower OST Country Song
She's Always Sensual OST Jazz Song
Sex In Spaceships I Chipstep Song
Pseudo Man I General Rock Song
Her Afro Curls OST Jazz Song
Pillage Your Lego Village I Heavy Metal Song
All American Slut I Country Song
Hillbilly Cruisin' I General Rock Song
Destroying The Human Race I General Rock Song
Tejano Truckin' OST Country Song
Monster Dance I Goth Song
No Ladies' Man I General Rock Song
Jungle Hunt II World Song
Seduced To The Grave IV General Rock Song